The Job of the CEO

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  • The job of the CEO
  • How to get the CEO job
  • How to keep the CEO job
  • How to manage your work-life balance
  • How to have an exciting post-CEO career


The CEO Career Path Chart

The Virtuous Work-Life Balance Circle

“THE JOB OF THE CEO is a wonderful job if you master it. But if you don’t master the CEO job, it is very stressful.”

“Can you have a long and successful CEO career and at the same time have a happy family life? The answer is YES! But only if you and your spouse plan your work-life balance in the same diligent manner as you plan your career and only if you master your job. I would argue that it is very difficult or perhaps even impossible to have a long and successful CEO career without also having a happy family life.”

“Take on jobs that stretch you to your limit. Don’t take on jobs that stress you beyond your limit.”

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