The Job of the CEO – Preface



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This is the second edition of THE JOB OF THE CEO. I continue to listen and learn. Also to my readers, wherefore I have addressed their feed-back. The biggest change is that I have made it much clearer that the book is a lifelong career guide for future, present and retiring CEOs. I have also made an effort to make my many lessons learnt clearer.

50 years in CEO and chairman roles with expensive failures and rewarding successes have taught me many valuable leadership lessons. I have gathered the essence of these lessons in THE JOB OF THE CEO with the ambition that I can inspire others to find their own ways to a long and successful CEO career.

The flow in THE JOB OF THE CEO is organized in chronological order:

  • Understanding THE JOB OF THE CEO
  • Determining whether THE JOB OF THE CEO is right for you
  • Career planning
  • Getting onto the CEO career ladder and staying there
  • Retiring from your last CEO job to pursue a post-CEO career

Each chapter is a stand-alone chapter, which means that there deliberately are many overlaps in the book.

How you read the book will depend on where you are in your career. Here is our guidance as to which chapters you should focus on before you read the entire book:

  • Future CEOs: 1—13 and 22—24
  • Present CEOs: 10—14, 17—18 and 22—24
  • Retiring CEOs: 15—16, 19—21 and 24

The book is NOT for skimming and speed-reading. Read slowly, reflect, be inspired and make notes that are relevant to your career. Keep the hard copy by your side at all times and the Kindle version on the go.

You will notice that I never apply ‘MBH—Management By Hope’ as a management style. But I will make an exception: It is my sincere hope that THE JOB OF THE CEO will put you in the right ‘mood’, inspire you and guide you to nd your own way to a long and successful CEO career.

Waldemar Schmidt
>> Download Preface as a PDF <<