The Job of the CEO – Table of Contents

Preface 1
Chapter 1: The Job of the CEO 4
Chapter 2: Leadership Styles 12
Chapter 3: What Makes a Great Leader 14
Chapter 4: Examples of Successful CEOs’ Education, Nationality and Career Paths 22
Chapter 5: How to Assess whether the Job of the CEO is Right for You 31
Chapter 6: Reflect, Evaluate and Decide Whether the Job of the CEO Is Right for You 40
Chapter 7: Planning Another Career if the Job of the CEO is not Right for You 45
Chapter 8: The Essence of Career Planning 47
Chapter 9: Your Personal Brand 53
Chapter 10: How to Work with Executive Search Firms 57
Chapter 11: How to Plan Your CEO Career 66
Chapter 12: How to Plan and Execute Your Pre-CEO Jobs 81
Chapter 13: How to Succeed in Your First CEO Job 88
Chapter 14: How to Succeed in Your Next CEO Jobs 97
Chapter 15: How to Succeed in Your Last CEO Job 104
Chapter 16: How to Successfully Exit from Your Final CEO Job 110
Chapter 17: Decline or Revival? 114
Chapter 18: What Do You Do if You Lose Your CEO Job? 116
Chapter 19: Retirement or a New Career? 122
Chapter 20: How to Succeed in Your Second Career 127
Chapter 21: How to Succeed in Your Third Career 136
Chapter 22: How to Succeed with Your Work-Life Balance 142
Chapter 23: How to Deal with Critical Career and Job Dilemmas 145
Chapter 24: From Local Boy to Global CEO 186
About the Author 209
Previous Books by the Author 210

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